Engram Network is a revolutionary blockchain protocol made by ddecentralized community for accelerating real-world sector smartcontracts utilities.

Let's Bring Blockchain Technology for Real-world assets

Our mission is to bring blockchain technology for real-world sectors effectively Using the automated blockchai service and customer needs discovery method, we bring blockchain technology for solving real-world sectors. We don’t want walk alone this our community will also help us.

Network Use Cases

Since Engram Network is using Ethereum Virtual Machine technology, Engram Network will be a compatible way to interact with websites, platforms and apps in any kind of sectors including logistics, corporations, governments and others

Full Ethereum compatibility

Engram is fully compatible with Ethereum. No need to re-write your applications.

High throughput and scalability

Engram is based Ethereum Beacon 2.0, one of the highest performance first-generation L1 protocols, from one of the most highly regarded teams in the industry.

Hyperscale Performance

Low fees and faster finality. Your users will not only enjoy fast transactions, but very economical ones as well.

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Learn the essential steps to set up and run a validator node, contributing to the network's security and decentralization.

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The entire digital asset ecosystem at your fingertips

Our robust compliance protocols ensure regulatory adherence, providing peace of mind to all parties involved. Smart contracts automate asset management, reducing administrative overhead and eliminating intermediaries, thus increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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Block Time

12 Seconds

Transaction Cost


Minimum Stake

32 $GRAM

Annual Yield


Private e-Digital Storage

Digital Decentralized Storage offers a revolutionary solution to the challenges of traditional data storage. By leveraging blockchain technology, it distributes data across a decentralized network of nodes, eliminating the need for central servers and reducing the risk of data loss or manipulation. This innovative approach ensures data integrity, security, and accessibility, empowering users to store and manage their digital assets with unprecedented efficiency and reliability.

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